Delete Past Painful Memories

How to erase bad memories from your mind

Is it possible to erase a bad memory at all?

Yes it is?

I don’t believe this. How can a memory be erased from the brain?

There is therapy to erase bad memories.

What therapy?

It is called Neuro Linguistic Programming or NLP.


Yes, NLP techniques provide solutions to a variety of communication problems. Bad memories are in a way an issue of communication between you and your mind.

Oh, is that so?

Yes, when you get disturbed by any of your memories, at that time, you are thinking about the event that had happened in the past and that is nowhere now. Still you feel as if you are experiencing a whole lot of intense emotions all over again. The hurt, the anxiety, the pain all of these come back to your body and mind.

NLP helps you rewire your neural pathways so that you get rid of intense painful emotions related to that particular memory.

That’s quite interesting! How does NLP rewire our neural pathways?

There are certain mind techniques based on the principles our subconscious mind works on. These techniques can help you get rid of your painful memories.

What techniques? 

When you write something on a paper, what technique do you use to erase those marks if something goes wrong?

I erase them with an eraser.

Exactly! NLP techniques are like erasers that erase the bad or painful memories that are imprinted on your neurons.

Wow! This sounds something unique.

Yes it sounds unique to you because you are not aware of the functioning of your subconscious mind about how it creates memories and how it forgets them as well.

In fact, all the time, your memories are being created and deleted through these functions of your mind. Don’t you forget the names and other events, even happy events of your life?

Your mind automatically keeps erasing certain information and memories from your neurons depending upon how much importance you give to them.

However, because these bad memories have so much intensity and you give so much importance to the pain and the feelings related to these memories, your mind isn’t able to erase these bad memories on its own. For this, you have to purposefully do the NLP techniques to erase them.

How is it that I give so much importance to these bad memories? I want to get rid of them in reality.

I understand. Let me explain with an example. 

Can you recall a muddy side track in a park or a dirt track there, a pathway that gets created when people walk regularly on that track?

When people walk on this pathway regularly, all the grass over there gets damaged and the path becomes wider. But when suddenly one day, someone places a barrier there and you can’t walk on that path, it gets covered with grass in a few days and just vanishes.

Your bad memories are also like these dirt tracks. You keep walking on them which means you keep remembering them regularly and that’s why they get more and more impactful and keep giving you all the pain, anxiety and discomfort as soon as they surface up in your mind.

NLP techniques create a barrier and remove the imprints of those bad memories that are there on your neural pathways.

Amazing! Please tell me more how these techniques work and how I can erase bad memories from my mind!

You can definitely know more about these NLP techniques to erase your bad memories here in this short course on how to erase bad memories. In fact, all the NLP techniques to delete painful memories are part of this course in the form of audio exercises!

Awesome! I’ll definitely check this and erase my bad memories from my mind to get freedom from my emotional pain.

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