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We are NLP and Corporate Training Company in India

We provide training to corporate world as well as to people from all walks of life. Our major expertise is in NLP training. NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming is a tool of communication - with self as well as with others. NLP empowers people in understanding and transforming the patterns of subconscious mind. With NLP mind exercises, one can transform life by leaving behind the limiting beliefs of one's life. We empower people so that they can take charge of their lives and get physical, mental, emotional, financial and social stability while they contribute to this universe in their own unique ways.

Our Coaching Programmes

  • NLP Training
  • Corporate Training
  • Memory Training
  • Soft Skills Training

Our Trainers

Mindset Coach
Deepa Roy Chowdhury- Mindset Coach

Deepa Roy Chowdhury

Deepa Roy Chowdhury is a certified NLP Coach and Memory Trainer. After working as a State Administrative Officer in Rajasthan, Deepa shifted to corporate world where she worked with such companies as IndiaMart and Net4. She kept herself associated with various NGOs and worked in the field of women empowerment. She is a UGC NET qualified professionals who has also trained Engineering and MBA students in Life skills and soft skills. Having a total experience of over 20 years in different sectors like Government, Corporate, NGO, Teaching and Life Skills coaching, Deepa now imparts training to people about how to be happy, healthy and successful using the power of their minds.

Anjana Aggarwal - NLP Coach and Corporate Trainer
Anjana Aggarwal - NLP Coach and Corporate Trainer

Anjana Aggarwal

Anjana Aggarwal is a Certified NLP Coach and Practitioner. She is also a Memory Trainer, Life Coach and a Motivational Speaker. By qualification, she is a Chartered Accountant currently working as a Corporate Trainer. She brings along a total experience of 20 years spread across various sectors like Industry, Institutions and Coaching.

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