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What can A Homeless Man Give!

In the darkness of the night, Cathy was joyfully gliding her car over the black smooth road. Her hand automatically reached the stereo and raised its volume. The soothing music made its way out of the closed window. Trees on the almost empty road seemed to dance with the flow. She glanced out of the window and nodded as if acknowledging the oneness of the universe.

Suddenly the music became a little chaotic so did the speed of her car. She could hear the sound of engine mixing with those of stereo orchestra. And before she could make out what went wrong, the vehicle jerked a little, took a couple of bumps on its own and came to a halt.

Cathy’s eyes rolled over the fuel meter. She wasn’t surprised to see its indicator happily lying down on the wrong side. After all, she had not seen the face of any petrol station since weeks now.

Cathy once again looked out of the window, this time to gauge the distance she needed to cover in order to get to a petrol pump or at least someone who could help her out.

Stepping out of the car, she calculated in her mind, it would not be more than 3 kilometers which means if she walks a little faster than her usual speed, she would need only half an hour to reach the nearest petrol pump.

Once more, trying to spot some sign of life, Cathy looked ahead and behind and then all around but except a filthy looking man lying on his makeshift bed by the side of the road, her eyes could not find anything worth that could save her heart from this fearful beating that she had never experienced in her life before, and of course those 30 minutes of her life that could have been used for far better causes!

She distastefully locked her car and pulled the cap of her jacket over her head. While starting to walk, she placed both her chilling hands into her trouser’s pockets and her heart sank a little more. Her wallet was not there! She hurriedly unlocked the car, got into it and frantically started searching for some money inside the temporarily dead machine.

“Are you all right?”A heavy voice interrupted her lookout for the most essential worldly thing in this world! She turned around and saw the homeless bearded face peeping through the window. Nothing can get more scary in this dead of the night!

“Yes, all’s well!” Cathy tried to smile which clearly betrayed her. “Thank god, I locked the door from inside.” her inner voice was more honest.

“Can I help you ma’am?” The man set aside her unsuccessful attempt at lying.

“Umm! I don’t know, I’ve run out of fuel.” Cathy let her fears die down for that moment. “I am not carrying any money too.” Her controlled yet shaky voice told the untold! Yes, she felt like crying but she could not do this to herself, in front of a homeless man whom people like her were supposed to help! She cursed herself for being so careless.

Her heart was pumping fast, hammering itself against the walls of her chest. The most scary scenes from all those movies were floating inside her head as she gazed helplessly at this man who was busy frisking his own pockets. She expected a dangerous tool, a gun or a knife, coming out of his pocket at any time from now.

“I have this”, he waved few carefully straightened notes in front of her windowed eyes as if they were pieces of a map that would lead them to a hidden treasure, only if they could be arranged in order! His child like smile melted her heart and covered the seemingly short yet the longest distance to reach her lips.

He put the notes back inside his pocket and brought his face closer to the window. In a hushed tone, these words flowed from his mouth, “this is not a very safe area. You keep sitting inside the car and keep it locked. I’ll bring some petrol. I have almost thousand rupees. It will take only about half an hour for me to get some.” Saying this, he turned back and sprinted towards his ‘home’, picked up a can from there and started walking fast on the undisturbed road.

Cathy kept looking at the tall lean figure till the time he took a turn and disappeared in the dark. She did not know what to do, whether to thank God for sending this saviour or start a countdown for another trouble that might come along with the ‘saviour looking annihilator’. Her mind was going numb. She waited for whatever was there for her. Did she have any other choice!

After a time which looked like perpetuity, she saw the man emerging out of the dark road, all alone. She heaved a sigh of relief and kept looking at him without flipping her eyes as if he would vanish with that petrol can only if she blinked her eyes even once.

“Got it”, it seemed a far more familiar voice than her childhood friends! Her eyes became fluidly starry with a sea of emotions in them.

“Was it all you had got?” she could hear her own voice flowing in the air.

“It’s not an issue ma’am.” He smiled back thankfully at her concern. “He is there to take care of His children.” Cathy’s eyes followed his that looked up in gratitude. “True”, her heart accepted his belief.

Once the car was ready to take flight, Cathy walked towards him, “What’s your name? I am Cathy.” She had found some place to write his name in her list of friends.

Shaking her extended hand, the man smiled, “I am Jonathan.”

“How long have you been here?” Cathy slowly took her hand back but was unable to take back her curiosity.

“It’s just over an year.” a helpless looking smile floated on his lips. “I was a fire-fighter.”

“That I can see,” laughed Cathy, “you haven’t stopped taking people out of deadly situations.”

Jonathan smiled back and opened the door of the car for her, “It’s quite late. You must go home now.”

Cathy was happy to find such a generous friend and her every word was displaying her joy, “I can’t thank you enough Jonathan. You spent everything that you had just to help a stranger. I hope there are more people like you in this world.”

“There are, believe me. I have met more good people in my life than bad ones!”

His vibes were contagious. Cathy felt unusual energy in her gait while walking towards the car. While sitting there on the seat of her vehicle, she said to him, “I’ll come back Jonathan, I can’t forget a good friend.”

One more smile, and he closed the door.

Cathy started the car and looked at him once more. Her eyes were filled with a mixture of all sorts of emotions. She couldn’t actually express her gratitude towards this man who risked all that he had for someone he didn’t even know. He gave it all!

While driving the car, she was determined, she has to do something, she has to give back Jonathan everything. Not just those thousand rupees, she meant everything!

But what could she do. She wasn’t a rich woman who had everything in abundance. She can’t buy him a house or food for life! But she need to do this. A flashing thought crossed her mind at this moment of gratitude. “I might not have in abundance but this universe does have it! And who’s the universe in this mortal world? The people of course! If a homeless man can give up his entire wealth to help someone in need, won’t other people give away a tiny fraction of their earning?”

As soon as she reached home, she entered the virtual world of the real people, the Internet, and started an online crowd funding campaign.

He was right and she was right too! There are more good people on this earth. And see what they have done. All these good people donated more than a crore of Rupees! Yes, that’s what Jonathan got in return of his 1000 rupees!

He had given more than was required. In fact, he gave it all! And what he got in return was abundance!

Give more than is Required, Get back more than is Due!

Remember ‘G’ is for ‘Giving’ as much as it is for ‘Getting’

Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt Jr

Here are the real life characters who inspired this story- Kate McClure and Johnny Bobbitt Jr

This story is based on a true incident that proves it pays to give more than is required!

Disclaimer: Events described in this story are purely based on imagination. Only the essence of the true story has been retained with an objective to motivate people by the inspiring act of these two real life heroes.

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