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(Video) How to be Happy Instantly

How do you get happy? Instantly! Does that seem impossible to you at this moment? But trust me, you can become happy in a matter of as less as 2 minutes, with the help of simple NLP techniques. I’ll not drag on with my preaching about how to be happy instantly. Instead, I’ll let you see this video below where I provide a step by step guide about being happy right now! Watch it and follow the instructions if you wish to. After the video, I have also written yet another very simple technique to be happy. Do read that too.

NLP Video on How to be Happy Instantly (Hindi)

And now off to yet another very simple NLP technique to become happy!

NLP Technique to become Happy Instantly

We’ll use our body to become happy here. Although the state of your mind makes you happy but you can even use your body to influence your mind. This is far easier and quick method.

Improve your body posture

Yes, this matters a lot. When you are happy, every part of your body shows that you are so. You can even fake your body postures to become happy, just as you fake laughter to become healthy!

  • Sit or stand straight with your spine erect and shoulders straight and up.
  • Take a deep breath, smile a little while looking up in the front (you may even close your eyes!) and act as if you are happy now. What posture should your body assume when you are happy. Just when you think this, your mind will automatically bring your body in the state of happiness.
  • Say this in your mind, “I am happy!”
  • Repeat saying this while breathing deeply till the time you naturally feel happiness. This will usually take only a couple of minutes.

If you wonder, how this happens, you need to know more about your body and mind- your twin power! You need to know how NLP Training helps you achieve whatever you want, even happiness!

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