Individual Counselling

Why do you need personal counselling? You’ll get the answer once you go through the following list.

Are you going through any of these conditions?

  • Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Self criticism
  • Painful memories of past
  • Fears or Phobias
  • OCD (like repeatedly washing hands, checking the locked door, etc.)
  • Unwanted habits (like thumb sucking, pencil chewing, nail biting, bed wetting etc.)
  • Sleeplessness, insomnia
  • Lack of confidence and motivation
  • Loss of interest in studies, job or in personal life
  • Addictions like smoking, drinking, excessive eating, gambling etc.
  • Relationship issues
  • Eating disorders
  • Emotional sufferings
  • Physical sufferings that no medical assistance is able to deal with
  • Confusion, Lack of clarity, Inability to make decisions
  • Lack of Life Purpose

If you feel helpless, hopeless and stuck in life situations, you are 100 percent in need of individual counselling.

What is Personal Counselling?

Personal or Individual counselling is one of the best ways of self discovery and growth. And when you talk about NLP counselling, the scope of individual counselling increases manifolds. This is because, unlike common counselling, NLP coaches work on your subconscious mind. In fact, they make you work on your mind.

And How?

How does the NLP Coach help you with Individual Counselling?

She will tell you what is your subconscious mind and why and how you need to direct it

Once you go to the NLP Coach, she will first make you understand what is your subconscious mind and why is it essential to work on your mind to get rid of the life issue that you are facing. This is needed because you must be convinced about the logic behind the NLP techniques that you will be carrying out upon yourself. You can’t achieve what you don’t understand. That’s the basic rule followed by NLP coach.

NLP Counsellor will ask your problem and not its details

After you have known why you need to control and direct your subconscious mind, you will share just the basic outline of your life issue with the NLP coach. The best thing here is that you don’t need to tell it all. You just give an outline of the problem faced by you without going into its nitty gritty. This is so different from traditional counselling done by therapists! You had always known that counsellors talk to you in length and understand every minute detail of your problem. But here with NLP coach, you may keep your secrets with yourself yet you get well and become happy.

How will then NLP coach guide you in resolving your life issue?

You don’t need to divulge everything about your problem to the NLP counsellor because she is not the one who will solve it for you. She will just guide you through the problem areas in your mind related to your situation. She will tell you how to use the specific NLP technique to come out of the problem. It is you who will, in your mind, resolve the issue, of course, with the guided NLP techniques and exercises that the coach will make you do.

NLP counsellor will just help you with her knowledge and experience of NLP.

Whether it is an issue related to your health or relationship, study or career, emotional or physical, or something which you don’t understand, you can always seek help of an NLP coach without giving her the details of your problem and get your issue resolved in unbelievably short periods.

How long it takes to resolve personal, life and health issues  through NLP counselling?

You won’t believe this but sometimes, it can take as less as few minutes. This is true when you want to get rid of some painful memories of your past or want relief from the feelings of anxiety and discomfort. In fact, sometimes a fear or phobia of something that had been bothering you since years can be resolved in no time!

For certain complicated issues, however, it may take few days to resolve the same. For instance, if you had been addicted to smoking and alcohol or something like that, you may have to work on your mind a little more. This might take few days or weeks to resolve. Said that, it is not uncommon to resolve even such issues in a day. All depends upon your receptivity and willingness to work upon your subconscious mind as per the NLP techniques that your counsellor will help you conduct on yourself and also on the expertise of your NLP Life Coach.

You can even cure your diseases like diabetes, migraine, asthma, obesity, thyroid, acidity, sinus issues and chronic pain in a matter of few days.

What all can be done through NLP Personal Counselling?

See the list given right at the top of the page. These are only some  issues that can be resolved through NLP. If I say, NLP can resolve any and every issue, it will not be an exaggeration. The reason being, whatever you think, feel, see, hear, or do, everything is controlled by your mind, the subconscious mind. If you once know how to control this unimaginably powerful aspect of your being, you can be anything, you can do anything and you can solve any problem.

You can be the undisputed leader in your field!

You can be the most healthy person that you know on this earth!

You can attain ultimate success, happiness, and bliss ever dreamt by you!

You can make your life an example for all those who matter to you and even for the world!

You can be the greatest contributor to your society and this universe as a whole!

You can be the unique change maker who is adored by one and all!

You can become a person who just thinks and the life unfolds as per those thoughts!

All by controlling and directing your subconscious mind!

Unleash the power of your subconscious mind and do the unimaginable!

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