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How to Improve your Memory in 2 Minutes

So, you need to improve your memory! Of course yes, why else would you look for tips to improve memory? Ok, let’s not waste much time and get to know how you can improve your memory in just 2 minutes.

The secret!

It’s an open secret though and probably, you’ve heard it times and again. Keep your mind present. Yes that’s the secret. Don’t be absent minded about things and people you want to keep in your memory.

But how?

The answer is simple. Associate and Visualize and feel intensely while doing so. All types of intense feelings will help you memorize faster but when you have a choice, go for the feeling of pleasure instead of pain. This will keep you happy too!

Ok, the next question you put is how to associate and visualize along with pleasant feelings? Let’s move on to this now.

How to use Association and Visualization to Improve Memory?

To answer this question, I’ll take some common incidents when you might be struggling with memorizing and I’ll help you with examples of association and visualization in these situations.

Let’s start then.

You want to go out and look for your car’s keys. Can’t find it. What to do?

Well, if you are in a hurry, you might book a radio cab for this time. If not, try your usual ways to remember where you left the keys because association and visualization will help only when you employ them while keeping your keys away. Ok, don’t curse me. I’ll try to help you out in this situation too. Try remembering when did you last used the keys. Replay the event from when you got out of your car, entered the door and went to whatever place you had gone first and then to the other place and so on. Play this movie inside your mind and if you are lucky, you’ll see yourself keeping the keys where you kept it last time.

Let’s now learn how to memorize where you keep the keys from next time.

When you put your keys (or any other thing) somewhere, be aware and register this information inside your mind with the help of association and visualization. In simple terms, form an association between your keys and the location where you keep it. While doing this create a story inside your mind. Yes, this is visualization. Our mind memorizes faster when we see images and stories inside our mind and that’s called visualization. Here’s how to do it.

  • Suppose you enter into the house and keep the keys on dining table (you are thirsty and want to pour some water into glass from the jug on the table!)
  • As you are putting the keys down on the table, imagine that the table has two long hands and it is taking the keys away from your hands and as it does so, it tickles your hand and you laugh at the sensation.
  • This visualization will take only 2-3 seconds but by doing this, you have made your mind present. Also you have associated the keys with its location, i.e. the table by visualizing a funny story along with a feeling of pleasure.
  • Now even if you don’t pick up the keys right away, you won’t forget where you kept the keys when you need it the next time.

Yes, it’s that simple!

Let’s now move on to the other situation.

You put your reading glasses somewhere and can’t find it now.

It often happens, you are reading a book, newspaper, or any other document, and the bell rings! You take out your glasses and while walking towards the door, keep it somewhere on the way.

  • Suppose you keep your reading glasses on the couch
  • While doing so, imagine your couch has become a large desert and is struggling with a sandstorm. This sandstorm is sucking in your glasses too.
  • While the glasses get sucked by the sofa cum desert, your hand too starts getting sucked in but you pull it out with force and at this success of yours, you feel pleasant and relieved.
  • That’s all, you have employed all the factors- association, visualization and intense feeling. Now you won’t forget where you kept the glasses.

Let’s take one more example.

You often forget for what you came to the other room.

It often happens. You are working in the kitchen and you want an ingredient from the fridge that’s kept outside the kitchen. You go, open the fridge and lo! You have forgotten what did you want from it. You again return to the kitchen and luckily you remember what did you want but as you reach the fridge, you forget again for which ingredient you came there. So, do the following

  • While you are making the dish, when you remember that you haven’t taken out yoghurt from the fridge, don’t just start walking, visualize a story.
  • Just when you start walking towards the fridge, imagine the yogurt is trapped inside a cage, screaming for help and you are breaking the cage to save the yogurt. As you take it out from the cage, you feel like a superwoman (or a superman!) having a winning smile on your face.
  • Now when you open the fridge in the other room, you would remember that you came to save the yogurt.

For other ingredients or even for this ingredient next time, make new stories, master visualization!

Keep making funny stories inside your mind and see how you become a memory master! These tricks don’t even take 2 minutes of your time but will improve your memory manifolds. The added advantage is of course, you become creative in making stories!

Before signing off, let’s try to remember where did you keep the keys and reading glasses?

Are you able to recall?

Enjoy the fun way of improving memory!

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